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Divorce Services Since 2001:

Supervised Visitation, Mediation, Custody Evaluations, Parenting Coordination, 

Counseling, Reconciliation/Reunification Therapy, CEU Classes, 

Adoption Home Studies


Reunification/Reconciliation Therapy is used when there has been a break in contact, typically between a child and a family member. Ms. Trotter takes a systemic approach in working collaboratively with all family members and professionals involved. She will meet with each party and the child(ren) individually first, then begin the reconciliation sessions between the child(ren) and the reconciling parent when she deems all parties and the child(ren) are therapeutically ready. Ms. Trotter also prefers to alternate sessions with the guardians, possibly the child(ren) and the reconciling parent and child(ren) and requires appointments with the custodial parent or guardian in-between reconciliation sessions. A treatment plan will be established. It is customary to address the traumatic event that occurred leading to the estrangement and the impact on all parties. Ms. Trotter prefers a court order for this type of work.