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We Have 55 Hours of Training & Specialization!

Ms. Trotter has been providing Mediation services since 1995. She has completed 55 hours of total training in Mediation. Through the Oklahoma Academy of Mediators and Arbitrators, she completed the 40 hour Mediation training course pursuant to "Family and Divorce Mediation" 12 O.S. § 1825. Ms. Trotter then completed 12 additional hours to specialize in "Domestic Abuse and Child Custody Mediation" pursuant to 43 O.S. § 107.3. And finally Ms. Trotter then completed 3 additional hours from Philip Stahl, PhD regarding advanced issues in Mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a cooperative and confidential process where a trained mediator sits down with you and your co-parent and she helps you resolve unresolved issues, including but not limited to establishing custody and visitation arrangements as well as making modifications to your current orders.

Why does Mediation work?

When we argue, we tend to get stuck defending our positions. Experienced in Mediation, Remedies r takes an "interest-based" approach in helping co-parents resolve their issues. "Interest–based" negotiation is focused on flushing out and resolving the issues that fuel your positions. While mediating we frequently hear, "If we could talk like this we could have resolved our issues ourselves!" Sometimes it just takes a trained neutral party to help you stay focused on the issues, and to help you learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

Can we mediate if we have a Protective Order?

Yes! Ms. Trotter has specialized Mediation Training in Domestic Abuse and Child Custody pursuant to 43 O.S. § 107.3. Remedies staggers the arrival and departure times so that you may have safe passage in and out of my office. You and your co-parent are put in separate rooms and Remedies alternates meeting or "caucusing" with each of you separately.

How many times do we meet?

You can meet with our mediator as many times as necessary to resolve the issues. We have met with clients anywhere from one to six times in the past, and on average meets with clients one to two times.

What happens after Mediation is finished?

Upon completion of the final Mediation session, Remedies will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding and submit it to you, your co-parent and the attorneys. The attorneys will draft your agreements into order form to present to the court for approval by the Judge. Your case will be finished and you don't have to go to court. You are also welcome to come back in the future if disagreements arise in which you need assistance resolving.